Progressive Pakistan! Apart from being a dream of every Pakistani, we took it as a vision, as a mission and as a goal that we have to achieve. Our great grand parents sacrificed their wealth, life and loved ones to give us a new identity, a new country. The slumber of decades threw our Identity in grave dangers. It is our responsibility to not only ensure the existence of our identity but to take our identity to the new heights of glory.

Progressive Pakistan believes in sincere collective efforts. Efforts of an Individual can only change ones life but for the future of a nation collective efforts are required. The whole nation has to unite despite of their differences in language, caste, religion, sect, region, etc for the sake of their identity.

No matter what language we speak
No matter what religion we follow
When we stand together
We are Pakistan!


A superior society could only be created with the enlightenment of the individuals of the society with wisdom and ethics. Moreover efficiency in social sectors could only be achieved with a modern system that is scientifically and technologically advanced and has the ability of self up gradation.


Progressive Pakistan aims to provide a platform to those individual and groups who believe in wisdom and harmony. Because these two traits tend to achieve unity in the nation and this unity pave ways for progress and prosperity. Once we succeed in putting our state on the tracks of progress, we will start our journey towards a welfare state.


Progressive Pakistan will follow a complex organizational structure mainly consisted on its Mother Organization and Allied Wings. However for further facilitation committees, leagues, desks, etc. would be constituted.


There would be a registration system that would function directly under the supervision of the Registration Desk. This registration desk will maintain the information of the registered members and circulate it among the different desks (where it is necessary).


Progress without a secular rewarding system is not possible. Thus for secular rewarding system within the organization a separate desk would be maintained that will not only monitor the members and volunteers but also maintain record of their activities.